Real Estate Law

Before buying or selling, getting involved in a real estate dispute or just considering a real estate transaction, consult a real estate lawyer for advice. The relationships between owners, landlords and tenants and owners and the community can be tense at times. The laws regarding property and real estate are complicated without thorough analysis and evaluation by an attorney that is knowledgeable in real estate law.

There is huge potential for problems in any real estate transaction. Seeking legal advice from a real estate law attorney early in the process will help buyers and sellers avoid costly problems later. The Law Offices of Patricia M. Scoles assists with the legal documentation, contracts, deeds and titles involved with a purchase, sale, lease, exchange or foreclosure of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Concurrently, Ms. Scoles advises on easement, condemnation and eminent domain issues, warranties, covenants and restrictions, zoning violations, homeowners associations, non-permitted structures, problem neighbors and pets, and a host of other unforeseen aspects of owning or renting property.

If a dispute arises, The Law Offices of Patricia M. Scoles represents the parties involved with legal aspects of the real estate to include real estate brokers, real estate agents and their sellers and/or buyers, developers, lenders, builders, architects and contractors.

Real estate transactions contain tremendous responsibility and due diligence by all parties. Always hire a real estate attorney to guide you through one of the most important business decisions in your life. Throughout her 25 year career as an attorney, practicing all types of law including real estate law, in California, Ms. Scoles strongly advocates mediation between parties; resulting in minimal litigation liability and expense that is typically related to lawsuits.