Small Business Entity

There is a wide range of topics to be considered when starting a new business. Without accurate and timely legal advice, the consequences of unsound decisions will be costly, both personally and professionally. The Law Offices of Patricia M. Scoles specializes in asking the thought provoking questions: Are you prepared to spend the time, attention and money to start and properly operate a business? Is buying an established business a wise, profitable decision? Do you thoroughly understand the risks involved?

The importance of retaining a business law attorney begins with the formation of the appropriate entity; a sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC (limited liability company), or LLP (limited liability partnership) or franchise; each of which have advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of business. Each of these entities requires charter documents (articles of incorporation, by-laws, etc.) that govern how each operates and guidelines regarding individuals named as members, shareholders or directors.

With regard to finances, an experienced business law attorney offers counsel that will inevitably save clients time which means saving money! Ms. Scoles gives her clients a thorough, realistic understanding of the financial implications of starting a business. The myriad of questions about financing includes obtaining start-up capital through personal money, investors, loans or equity, debt liability, state filings and taxes, forecasting profitability and bankruptcy.

Ms. Scoles also handles business law matters that include contracts, agreements and commercial leases; initialing those documents specifically designed to protect her clients. For any contract, agreement or lease presented by another party, Ms. Scoles reviews the pre-prepared documents to ensure that her clients are also adequately protected.

There are a host of municipal, state laws and regulations that impact small business. At the city level, there are licenses, permits, ordinances and zoning restrictions. The state gets involved with labor and employment laws, wages, hours and workplace safety and compliance. Every employer should seek the advice of a business law attorney to review hiring practices and background screening policies to ensure that the legal risks are evaluated and mitigated prior to opening a business. Other personnel related legal matters handled by a business law attorney include Non-compete and Non-solicitation agreements, compensation and wage/hour issues and any action allegedly involving race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion or disability.

With a genuine desire to see her clients succeed, Patricia Scoles has a unique and special interest in providing advice to small businesses. Through operating her own very successful business with a keen sense of awareness, knowledge and understanding, Ms. Scoles translates those skills to helping her clients achieve the same success.